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Satnav Saturday, Featuring Concrete Cows! - Sarah, The Bringer of Tea
20th December, 2007
01:22 pm


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Satnav Saturday, Featuring Concrete Cows!

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Date:21st December, 2007 12:01 pm (UTC)
Do you recall that 'team building' session that was run by Wilf and his 80mph on the motorway note making wife? That was in the old part of MK

Pretty sure I remember that being Stevenage...

But yeah, her... sheesh!

"I realise you're all knuckle dragging illiterate techies who'd be spoon fed any old crap, so I knocked together this Powerpoint presentation while driving along the A14. It doesn't matter that it's crap - my husband has arse licked his way into being mates with some of your upper management and so they'll just pay me anyway, haha!"

And I paraphrase only slightly for effect. She seemed mystified about not going down that well, and I remember a mutual acquaintance of ours getting some very dirty looks from said upper management when he piped up with, "So are you admitting to the criminal offence of driving without due care and attention in front of this audience then?"
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