Sarah Brown (auntysarah) wrote,

Chattin' With a Chaser, Sort Of

Regular readers will remember the "Chattin' With a Chaser" series, of which there are currently four parts. I've just tagged them under "chaser chat" on both Dreamwidth and Livejournal, so they're easy to find. The way they work is I hang around on an IRC server, mostly to talk to various friends. One of the channels I sit in is a chat room for trans people. This sometimes attracts some people who seem to be not especially bright, and apparently believe everything they see in downloaded porn. As a result, they seem to think that popping up on a random IRC channel which may contain trans people and introducing themselves with, "hii r u shemale" (actual introduction from someone just yesterday) is going to yield some kind of productive result, rather than getting them a) kickbanned and b) mocked.

Anyway, today's didn't even bother with introductions in channel, he just looked at the list of names and started private messaging directly. This isn't officially part 5, because it never went far enough to get much comic material from, but I think it's worth posting here as an enlightening demonstration of what some horny young(?) men feel is an appropriate way to approach women in cyberspace. Remember, the log below is our entire interaction - I hadn't left any "bait" or anything to entice this guy to talk to me - I was sitting in the living room talking to the_local_echo when the iMac makes its "a new person has sent you a private message" noise. Here's what transpired:

[17:50] kneel: hi how are u
[17:50] sarahlizzy: Hi.
[17:50] sarahlizzy: I'm OK thanks. How are you?
[17:51] kneel: i am a guy with a fetish for feet have u ever had your feet kissed
[17:51] sarahlizzy: Not that I recall.
[17:51] sarahlizzy: Have we met?
[17:52] kneel: no first time here
[17:52] sarahlizzy: OK. It just seemed like a bit of a strange opener, is all
[17:53] kneel: do u wear heels and nylons
[17:53] sarahlizzy: Rarely
[17:54] kneel: what kind of shoes do u wear
[17:54] sarahlizzy: Well, today I was wearing a pair of men's leather hiking shoes
[17:54] sarahlizzy: What kind do you wear?
[17:55] kneel disconnected from the server.

It's a shame he didn't stick around long enough to hear about how I'm prone to outbreaks of athlete's foot.

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