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Satnav Saturday, Featuring Concrete Cows! - Sarah, The Bringer of Tea
20th December, 2007
01:22 pm


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Satnav Saturday, Featuring Concrete Cows!

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Date:21st December, 2007 07:36 am (UTC)
You work with computers, you went to a costa, and you had TEA? o_O There are some stereotypes that shouldn't be broken! Coffee so strong that it kills people if they drink yours by mistake, that's the ticket ;-)

In a previous life (I like that, thanks) I covered the Vision Express lab for a month in M.K. All the roads seemed the same so I can see why it's seen as concretey and grey. Were the cows 'art'? they look quite well done, and I love the zoo style sign.
Maidstone had (probably still has) a £20000 totem pole concreted into the town center, and also a 15 foot tall flowering sheep, that drunks used to climb up at night. My favourite though, that I've not seen yet, is Liverpool's Lamb-banana. I want one of my own!

I just my hands on the N95, and it's a fantastic phone/puter thing. The fact it connects to my wireless network was the killer app for me, and skype (fring) went straight on. Very impressed with Nokias lately, they've really upped their game.
Of course, since we own a citroen the sat nav doesn't work in the car *sigh* and unlike yours it doesn't come with voice directions free, but it'll be ok for walking I suppose. There's always nav4all and similar I suppose.

How we coped I have no idea, there's a generation growing up now who never had the pleasure of meeting up with someone, arriving a bit late, and wondering if they had been and gone, or were late theirself. The dilemma of whether to stay or go has passed into memory, but I worry I might over-rely on technology. Now I have sat nav, it's only a matter of time before I get lost between the hall and the kitchen without it. (Oh yes! It works in the house but not the car; I just need to mount the wheels, tax and insure the house and I'm away.)
Take care, :-)
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Date:21st December, 2007 12:15 pm (UTC)
You work with computers

Well, I used to - seem to be drifting into other avenues of late :-)

you went to a costa, and you had TEA?

Of course! I am, after all, the bringer of tea!

Never really understood the point of coffee. I mean, I appreciate that some orally-delivered drugs taste nasty, but at least with paracetamol it's all over in a couple of seconds.

N95 - I did consider that, but decided that it was way overkill for what I wanted, given that I already had the iPod Touch.
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